Corals can be picked up at the school between 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm on most weekdays with appointment. Please see the contact page to get in touch with us. All coral sales go towards upkeep of the aquariums and the purchase of supplies. Because of COVID restrictions, we will arrange curbside pickup as only students and staff are allowed in the building. A  picture of your particular coral frag can be sent to you ahead of time. Thanks for your support. 

P1010213 (2).JPG
Teal Duncan $15 per head (Sold Out)
Purple Tip Hammer $20 per head
Purple Tip Frog Spawn $15 per head
kenya tree.jpg
Kenya Tree $5 small / $10 medium /$20 large
green monty cap.jpg
Green Monty cap $15
P1010208 (2).JPG
Finger Leather $10
P1010203 (2).JPG
P1010204 (2).JPG
Purple Pocillopora $15 per frag
Green Bird's Nest $10 per frag
Pulsating Xenia.jpg
Pulsating Xenia $10 small / $20 large
Green Star Polyp $5 per frag.  (free with the purchase of 2 or more corals)
mystic sunset monty.jpg
Mystic Sunset Monty $10
P1010205 (2).JPG
Pink Bird's Nest $10 per frag (sold out)
P1010196 (2).JPG
Teal Candy Cane $5 per head
Sunny D. Zoanthid $5 per polyp
Green Palythoa $2 per polyp
P1010206 (2).JPG
Jedi Mind Trick Monty $15
Haystack Acropora $15 per frag
Green Monster Zoanthid $3 per polyp
chilli pepper monty.jpeg
P1010201 (2).JPG
White Candy Cane $5 per head
Green Kryptonite Candy Cane $6 per head (Sold Out)
Chili Pepper Monty $15
P1010233 (2).JPG
Green Apple Zoanthid $10 per polyp
P1010231 (2).JPG
Fire and Ice Zoanthid $3 per polyp
P1010230 (2).JPG
Red Monti Cap $10 per frag (Sold Out)
P1010218 (2).JPG
P1010226 (2).JPG
Gobstopper Zoanthid $3 per polyp
P1010200 (2).JPG
P1010221 (2).JPG
Utter Chaos Zoanthid $10 per polyp (Sold Out)
Heading 6
Chucky's Bride Zoanthid $5 per polyp
P1010234 (2).JPG
Meteor Shower Cyphastrea $10 
Rose Bubble Tip Anenome.jpg
Rose Bubble Tip Anemone $10 small / $20 Medium / $30 Large   (Sold Out)
Lobophylia $20 per head
P1010227 (2).JPG
Metallic Red Mushroom $5 small / $10 large (Sold Out)
Rasta Zoa.jpg
Rasta Zoanthids $5 per polyp (Sold Out)
Toad Stool $10 each
flower petal monti.jpg
Flower Petal Montipora $20